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Im kinda sad, it really is Monday what a way to start the week.

I have been sweeping on and off for a few years with the past year being constant for the most part. I have never won a GP, that is until Friday. I was notified that I had won a sweep but didn't find out the prize until this AM. Dang I was entering for the first prize of a new mini dv camcorder, well I won the GP and turned it down. It was for 4-8 hours with a professional photographer. The ARV which is what you pay taxes on is $4700.00. I cant justify paying taxes on a prize like that. I can get family photos anywhere for like $200.00. I'm so sad this is the first time I have ever been selected as a GP winner only to have to turn it down. I didn't even spend that on my wedding photos. I'm just trying to stay positive that I will win a GP again and that it will be something tangible that I can use and need!


Emily B said...

That's too bad... If you lived in Canada you wouldn't have to pay taxes on wins! I have to say I would have turned that down, too considering the cost. Best of luck in future sweeps though! Keep entering, you will win.

Lisa P said...

I now right, that is the American way tax you for everything even death!

blueviolet said...

I didn't know you were a sweeper!

Kristen Andrews said...

yes two things are for sure taxes and death!

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