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Watch Out Martha Stewart here I come!

I feel so accomplished right now! I had bought some canning jars in preparation for my garden this year. Sadly due to the high heat and drought I got little to none in the way of veggies, my cucumbers shriveled and died, my tomatoes which were supposed to be big boys and Roma's turned out like cherry tomatoes!

Anyway I thought well I do live in the dessert and we have tons on Prickly Pear Cactus, I will try my hand at Jelly with the fruit.!

I found the coolest blog that tells how to make it so I went out picking on Friday with the kids. No I did not let them help hahaha. I cam home Burned the spines off, Boiled em up and strained out the juice. It was about 9 pm by then so the jelly making had to wait until Yesterday.

Man the process to make jelly while pretty simple takes many pots!

One for the jar tops

One for the Jars to say hot until needed

The boiling pot

And the pot to cook the jelly in

Wow but after all that I have a dozen jars of Prickly Pear Jelly.


Becky said...

oooh girl that looks so good! Do you deliver? LOL!

GRAMEE said...

Lisa curious, where did you get the cactus? i would love to do this.
i live up near phoenix.

Lisa said...

Gramee they grow wild all in my neighborhood. We have like those median areas in my neighborhood that have all kids of cactus. Just took a walk and picked em. Go anywhere there is open desert right now and they are plentiful!

Homegrown Evolution said...

Thanks for the link and glad the recipe worked for you! Your jelly looks pretty!

Angie said...

They look so pretty!

I had the same issue with my toms & cukes. Our peppers did awesome though...

Frances said...

That is beautiful! I make lots of jams and jellies, but never prickly pear.

Frances said...

I have something for you on my blog.

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